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London Panel – NATO & Ukraine

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Brig. Gen. (ret.) Robbie Boyd (OPEWI) was with Boris Johnson and others assessing the NATO 75 Washington Summit deliverables in July concerning Ukraine at the British Academy in London. Grateful to CDS – Centre for Defence Strategies – for hosting a discourse on critical issues alongside prominent political, military and academic figures.

Key points highlighted:

– Major Allied industry defence funding for Ukraine to boost support for Ukrainian Defence Forces, hastening acquisition processes, sourcing technology, quality assurance and fielding ammunition, traditional and new technology, at the speed of relevance.
– Advocating for Allied boots on the ground for enhanced training and maintenance effectiveness. Returning better prepared people and equipment to the frontline faster.
– Addressing the multifaceted battle with Russia through diplomatic, economic, and information warfare.
– Emphasizing the importance of calling out divisive forces and ideologies threatening Western democracies; the forces of nationalism in the West are Putin’s principle weapon system against Western values… beware of Putin’s ‘Useful Idiots’.

The grand strategy for Ukraine is progressing despite challenges, with a continually strengthened NATO Alliance and EU working to deter Russia and defend democratic values with both hard and soft power, whilst supporting their Ukrainian partners’ defeat of Russia militarily on the battlefield.