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About Us

Europe now faces war at its borders but also within.

Hence OPEWI. We want to gather conflict practitioners from all over Europe to answer this : how should Europeans defend themselves? And with what weapons?

We are here to prove that European Defence is possible, that countries from all over Europe can achieve both compromise and deterrence.

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Our Charter


War is not an ideal but it is a reality that Europeans need to address urgently. Decade after decade, Americans are reducing their military footprint in Europe while external wars and internal tensions multiply – in the East, in the South, within our own societies.


Building on the cooperation allowed by the European Union, a Europe understood as EU27, the UK, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland must now deepen its deterrence and crisis management postures. 80% of European citizens are behind such collective efforts (Eurobarometer, 2023).


Coalitions and partnerships should be sought with traditional NATO allies and neighboring nations that share our core values: democratic practices, rule of law, anti-corruption, equality of treatment between men and women.


Fact-based analysis is our key driver as an entity but our staff and members are free to take sides and support projects in favor of that side – if that stance abides by our core values. At every turn, our readers and sponsors will be made aware of such actions.


We will aim for fairness regarding gender, social or ethnic concerns. We refuse any form of discrimination. But our search for quality cannot involve quotas or today’s obsession with not hurting anyone’s feelings.

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Our Values


OPEWI is a place where police & military are honoured – active duty, veterans, wounded personnel.


Only European projects and sponsorships, whether public or private, are accepted (EU2, UK, Switz., Norway & Iceland)


Our staff is on the road, visiting leaders, factories, war zones, unsafe neighborhoods, throughout the whole year.


We are creating a European community federated by a Brussels-based house where staff and guests can gather.